Maintaining accurate and up-to-date vendor information for products is important for accurate purchase orders and metrics. Inventory Planner downloads vendor information and variant vendor details when possible (from inventory management systems like Tradegecko or Ordoro). For e-commerce systems that do not have cost prices defined, there are several options:

  • Upload vendor catalog for single vendor or for multiple vendors
  • Create and edit vendors directly in Vendors
  • When you create or edit a purchase order, you have an option to update cost price, vendor reference and other vendor data for variants and use it in subsequent purchase orders.

Single vendor catalog upload

You can use CSV or Excel file with arbitrary columns for vendor catalog upload. To upload a catalog for single vendor:

  • Go to Vendors menu on the left, click on a vendor name, and choose Import/Single vendor catalog
  • Select file to upload¬†
  • Select vendor or enter name for new vendor
  • Select columns in the file. Most of the columns are optional, if they are not selected, their value does not change
  • Optionally, use Preview tab to verify columns
  • Press upload and observe the result

Multiple vendor catalog upload

When you upload multiple vendor catalog, you specify a column that contains vendor name instead. This is useful when you have single file that contains information for all all vendors and variants. 

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