To import a purchase order or transfer from a spreadsheet:

  1. Your spreadsheet for upload needs to contain the following information including column names:
  • An identifier to match products: SKU, title, ID, vendor reference, or barcode. (Required)
  • Quantity ordered (required)
  • Vendor name (optional)
  • Received quantity if the ordered products have already arrived and added to inventory (optional)
  • PO created date (optional)
  • PO arrival date (optional)
  • Cost price (optional)
  • Landing cost price (optional)
  • PO number to differentiate purchase orders. If not provided then POs are distinguished by arrival date. (optional) 
  • Date format such as yyyy-mm-dd (Recommended to be set, to ensure we read the date correctly)

2. Go to the Purchase Order section from the left side menu.

3. At the bottom of the screen, click Import > Import Purchase Order.

4. Attach your saved spreadsheet by clicking on Select File and locating your document. 

5. Inventory Planner will match columns with your column names when possible. For other columns of information, you will need to select the correct column title to match the information type for import.

If you are importing a transfer, select the 'Orders Type' field to indicate that the import is a transfer rather than a PO.

When you select 'Transfer' there will be additional fields to select either a Source Warehouse or to indicate a Source Warehouse column on your import spreadsheet. You only need to use one of these two source warehouse fields on the import dialog.

6. When all column names have been matched to their information field, click Upload at the bottom of the screen. 

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