• Customize reports by changing columns
  • Sort columns and rearrange data in your report

Customize report / change columns

To customize metrics shown in your report, click on Columns at the top of the page. (Columns are available in Replenishment, Overstock, and Inventory KPIs.)

There you can select any metrics you want to see in your report.

Arrange your report in any order by dragging and dropping columns.

Then save and name your layout at the bottom of the pop-up. 

Hit Apply and you’re ready to work on the report.



To see which column is sorting the report, look for the arrow next to a column title. In the example below, the order of data in Replenishment Retail dictates the arrangement of the report.  

To change the column and sorting, click on another column name. If the column is ascending but you’d like descending, click the column title again.


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