If you cannot locate a SKU or product, check:

  • Default filters 
  • Search path may narrowed your possible results 
  • Sync time with your platform


If you can't find a particular product or variant, it could be for a few reasons.

Default Filters 

Default filters may be excluding your SKU. 

Filters in Replenishment...

Or in Overstock...

Can be removed by clicking the "X" next to each filter. 

Bundled or merged variants are marked as non-replenishable and will then be hidden by the default filters. Either removing the Replenishable filter or changing the setting from True to False will show your bundled or merged variant.

Search path narrows the potential results

In the process of navigating the Replenishment or Overstock reports, you may have inadvertently narrowed potential search results. Look at the breadcrumbs at the top of the report.

If there is no exclusion to your search due to navigation, you will only see the name of the report.

For example, if you clicked on a vendor name in Replenishment, you then view all variants associated with that vendor. If you are searching for a SKU not associated with that vendor, it will not appear.

Sync time 

 If you have created a new product or variant on your website, check to see when the last sync with Inventory Planner took place. If it occurred before you created the product, then it will not appear in IP. You will need to initiate a Variants Sync. Click on the Sync information at the top of your screen, then on Variants Sync.

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