• In Replenishment, use Bulk Actions to set the vendor
  • In the Vendor section, associate SKUs or brands


Bulk Actions

In the Replenishment screen, select items that you want to associate to a Vendor. 

Then click on Bulk Actions > Set Vendor.

Select the appropriate vendor from the dropdown menu and Update Vendors.

Don't have vendors set-up? Check out this article about how to create vendors.

Vendor variants

In the Vendor section (from the left side menu), you can add or remove products for the vendor. You can also edit variant information for this vendor including lead time, days of stock, cost price, vendor reference and more.

Vendor brands

Here you can add/remove brands for the vendor. Adding a brand automatically adds current and future products for this brand.

What is the Unknown Vendor?

The 'unknown' vendor is created as a default by Inventory Planner when you started your account. It is there as a catch-all for new products until they're assigned to a different vendor.

Can the same SKU be associated with two vendors?

You can associate the same SKU with two vendors. The benefit of this is typically that it makes ordering from one supplier quicker if the products coming only from that supplier are already in a group. There could be other information specific to different vendor - such as using different titles or SKUs by the vendor, different cost prices or case sizes for order.

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