Working with multiple warehouses

Learn how to use multiple warehouses in Inventory Planner.

Written by Sara Jaffer
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Optimizing stock across locations

If you have enabled more than one warehouse, it can be helpful to see stock levels across locations. If you need to transfer stock, balance stock at various locations or compare inventory levels across warehouses, then the Compare Warehouse report can help.

Recommended workflow with multiple warehouses

When you have more than one warehouse enabled, this will very often include a combined warehouse to see total demand. When using combined warehouses, we recommend the following workflow to handle inventory replenishment.

  • Start with the Compare Warehouses report to balance stock across locations.

  • Go to Replenishment and use the combined warehouse view to create a purchase order based on total forecasted customer demand.

When creating a PO based on the combined warehouse view, you will need to select a destination warehouse. This is done because the combined warehouse is a virtual warehouse and the inventory will be delivered to a physical warehouse.

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