Connecting your store
Learn how to connect your store or connect a second store
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Connecting Your First Store

After you create an account, click on the platform that you want to connect to Inventory Planner on the page 'Let's connect your store'. 

Note: If you use an Inventory Management System (such as Skubana, QuickBooks Commerce, or Ordoro), then you only need to connect that platform. If you sell on Shopify and Amazon for example, all of your data from those connections will flow through your inventory management system. 

After selecting the platform to connect, enter information in fields provided. These fields will vary by platform. Additional instructions may be provided on that page to help you locate the needed information. For example, additional instructions for connecting your Amazon account can be found below the 'Connect' button starting with 'Enabling the API access for your Amazon shop'.

When you have entered information into these fields, click 'Connect'.

You will then see the option to continue adding further connections, or to complete the setup:

Your data will start to sync with Inventory Planner. Depending on the order volume and number of variants, this initial sync can take up to a few hours to complete.

Connecting A Second Store or Another Connection

If you would like to add additional stores or connections to your Inventory Planner account, click 'Account' in the lower left corner, then 'Settings'. 

Select  'New Connection' to add your eCommerce platform or inventory management system. 

You will then see the available platforms we have integrations with.

Once you select and connect your platform, you can use the option to Finish the configuration and Start the Initial sync of the new platform:

If you need additional information specific to your platform or system, check out our Integrations collection in the Help Center

Check your connection

To check your connections to ensure that the correct data is being pulled into Inventory Planner. Go to Account > Settings to see which sales channels are connected.

Next, check Warehouses to see which are enabled.

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