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Change status to open, partially received, or closed status/Remove status

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When you receive inventory into a purchase order, it will automatically change the status from open to either partially received or closed. If you need to change it to another status follow these steps:

In the purchase order, click on Settings.

Then update your purchase order status.

Finally, click ‘Save Changes’ in the lower-left corner.

There's an option to Approve a PO so it changes status from "DRAFT" to "OPEN". Select the DRAFT in Stock Orders, then select Bulk Actions and Approve Draft.

Can we remove PO(Purchase order) status if we do not need them?

If you want to remove PO statuses they no longer use or they have incorrectly entered.

Please go to PO statuses page, accessible from the Account menu and from the Purchase Orders page.

A simple table of PO statuses, and count of related POs, with the button to remove/restore individual addresses and bulk remove/restore.

Here are the screenshots for reference.

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