Importing cost information

Learn how to bulk upload cost price and other product or vendor information

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If your website platform does not have a cost field, or if you need to enter product or vendor information in bulk, you can import your cost price data from a CSV or Excel document.

Warning: Updating cost prices in Inventory Planner will not update cost prices in your connected platforms! If your connected platform has a cost field, we recommend updating cost prices there so they sync into Inventory Planner. Only update cost prices in Inventory Planner if your platform does not have a cost field.

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Importing cost price data

Importing cost price data can be done from Replenishment, under Import > Variant settings.

You will be asked to upload a file containing, at minimum, a SKU (or other product identifier, such as ID, barcode, etc.) and a cost price. You can see all available columns at the bottom of the import page, and you can also download a CSV template so you don't have to build your file from scratch.

Once your CSV file is prepared and ready, you can drag the file to the import section, or click to upload it.

After you've successfully loaded the file, click "Map columns" to be taken to the next stage.

Here, you can map the columns in your file to the relevant field in Inventory Planner. The cost price columns are in their own section at the bottom of the page.

Once you're happy with the mapping, click "Import'"to complete the import. You'll be taken to an import summary screen listing any changes and errors.

Updating other vendor catalog data

Learn more about updating other attributes that cannot be imported from your website platform or inventory management system in the update the vendor catalog article.

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