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How can I see my warehouse settings?
How can I see my warehouse settings?

Check warehouse settings to see which warehouses and sales channels are showing in Inventory Planner

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Check your connection

To check your connections to ensure that the correct data is being pulled into Inventory Planner. Go to Account > Settings to see which sales channels are connected. 

Next, check Connections & Warehouses to see which are enabled.

View Warehouse Information

Once enabled, you'll see each warehouse in the Replenishment section of Inventory Planner and other reports.

Billing considerations

Note that billing in Inventory Planner is based partially on the number connections or enabled warehouses, whichever is greater. Your first connection or enabled warehouse is included in the base price. Additional enabled warehouses will increase the price. See billing details here.

You can view billing for your account by going to Account > Billing.

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