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How do I add a discount to a purchase order?
How do I add a discount to a purchase order?
Add a discount to an entire purchase order or discount individual SKUs or products
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To add discount information to a purchase order:

  1. Enter a discount for the entire PO, click Settings > "Default Discount %" field.

  2. Enter a variant-level discount on the row for that product or variant by enabling the 'Discount %' column.


Discount for entire purchase order

Click Settings in the upper right corner of your Purchase Order. Scroll down the Default Discounts % field

Variant Discount

To create a discount for an individual variant, enter the discount amount in the Discount column for that variant line. 

If you don't see this field, enable the Discount column by clicking on the gear icon on the right side of your screen. 

Note: Discounts cannot be pushed to a QuickBooks Commerce connection because this platform does not support discounts on a purchase order. 

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