How can I customize a Purchase Order?
Options for a PO include updating addresses, images, set PO number, currency, vendor-specific information and more
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Do you need to add more information to your purchase orders? Learn what information can be added, removed, or changed.

Global Settings for Purchase Orders

Go to Account (lower right corner) > Settings > Purchase Orders to change the following settings:

  • Purchase order counter - where the numbering of POs will begin

  • Connect to an accounting platform to sync purchase orders

  • Add custom fields to your purchase order

Under 'Manage Template'

  • Set shop name and upload logo

  • Add or remove the following fields on the PO PDF: product images, using the variant title as the title for the line item, SKU, vendor reference (vendor SKU), unit cost, quantity, and total. You may also add another custom field here.

These settings will then apply to all purchase orders in your system (the counter will be sequential and continue with each new PO).

See the final section of this document to customize PDF settings for Vendors.

Billing and Shipping Address

To set the billing and shipping address for each warehouse, go to Account (lower right corner) > Settings > Warehouses. There click on Settings for one warehouse. 

There you can enter billing and shipping addresses.

Once you enter this information, it is stored in Inventory Planner so you will not need to enter that each time you create a Purchase Order.

Individual PO settings 

To customize information on a purchase order, be sure you are in edit mode. This is the default mode while you are creating a purchase order. If you need to edit an existing PO, click on the PO number from the Purchase Orders & Transfers section of Inventory Planner.

Then click Edit at the top of the screen. 

Enable metrics and fields

To customize fields for individual purchase orders, click on the gear icon to enable and rearrange columns.


Click on Settings in the upper right corner of the purchase order to change or include the following information:

  • PO number

  • Expected arrival date and date the PO was created

  • Notes for the PO (these will be visible to the vendor)

  • Vendor information including vendor name, payment terms, currency to be used for ordering, payment date

  • Units of measurement (UOM) including enabling to round up or down, or disabling UOM

  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ) including MOQ based on the variant count, the product count, or the number of units on the purchase order.

  • In the case of a Combined Warehouse, you can configure the Destination warehouse (physical location) vs. the Replenishment warehouse (used for replenishment quantity, stock, sales and other metrics).

Vendor Settings for PO PDF

If you need to set different information for the PDF version of POs that you send to suppliers, this can be done in the Catalog > Vendors section by clicking on settings.

First select the vendor to see the settings page.

Scroll down to see PO PDF settings and enable Custom Settings by clicking 'Manage Template'.

Then customize the settings needed for this supplier. 

Then Save Changes.

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