You may observe some differences between Shopify and Inventory Planner reports. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Net sales in Shopify corresponds to Revenue in Inventory Planner. It is calculated as gross revenue - discounts - returns. Returns use the sales order return date, not original order date. 
  • Gross sales in Shopify corresponds to Gross Revenue in Inventory Planner.
  • Returns/refunds are handled differently: Shopify uses the date when return happened and affects sales, net sales and gross sales for that date; Inventory Planner currently uses original order date and affects sales, gross revenue and revenue for that date. 
  • Discounts in Shopify are computed using coupons. Discounts in Inventory Planner are computed as (regular price - price) * quantity and include coupons and other markdowns. 
  • Archived items in Shopify will still show in Inventory Planner by default. If you would like these removed from your account, please contact Inventory Planner using the chat in the lower right corner of your screen.
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