After creating the PO, save it, then click on Email.

To update the 'from' email information, use the following format: "Name" <email>. For example, this would be "Jill" <[email protected]>. Note that the quotation marks and arrows need to be included in the formatting.

At this time, the email cannot be customized to send from the user's email. The email will come from [email protected]. Formatting the 'from' information will update the 'reply to' and name showing ahead of the actual email when sending it to a vendor.

To change the text sent to your vendor when emailing the PO, click in the text box below Message and type in the body. If you have more than one template, you can save them for future use by saving new templates.

Email Addresses

Users often accidentally enter invalid email addresses, and they are automatically saved and appear in the dropdown when composing the next PO or automation email. On the Email Addresses Page, there is a table of email addresses with a button that allows the users to remove/restore individual addresses and bulk remove/restore.

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