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Connect your account to Xero, push Purchase Orders from Inventory Planner to Xero
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Table of Content

  1. Connecting Inventory Planner to Xero

  2. Data Flow Diagram

  3. FAQ

1. Connecting Inventory Planner to Xero

To connect your Inventory Planner account to Xero, go to Account > Settings > Purchase Orders > Connect Xero.

"Connect Xero" is found in the "Platforms" section.

Then login to you Xero account and approve Inventory Planner app.

Once connected you'll see the option to push stock orders to Xero. Learn more about sending stock orders to Xero here.

2. Data Flow Diagram

3. Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do disconnect from Xero? 

In order to disconnect click at Accounts -> Settings -> Purchase Orders -> Disconnect from Xero button.

  • When a purchase order is created in Xero?

A purchase order is pushed to Xero right after you save it to Inventory Planner with enabled "Save to Xero" option.

  • Is there a way to save a purchase order to Inventory Planner without pushing it to Xero?

Yes. If you save a PO with disabled "Save to Xero" option it won't be pushed to Xero. We recommend use it for draft purchase orders. 

  • What happens when some products in a PO don't exist in Xero?

We cannot save a PO to Xero until all products exist. In case of a missing product, you'll see a dialog allowing you to create these product automatically.

  • Does Inventory Planner pull the stock and sales history?

We don't currently pull stock and sales from Xero. The integration is built only for pushing purchase orders from Inventory Planner to Xero.

  • How can I include shipping and handling on a purchase order to Xero?

There is not a set 'Shipping and Handling" field for purchase orders within Xero. Since each line item on a purchase order can be classified to an expense category, we recommend that you create an unpublished products called "Shipping and Handling". This will allow you to add this to a purchase order and assign this expense to landing costs within Xero. 

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