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Planning Replenishment During Chinese New Year
Planning Replenishment During Chinese New Year
Learn how to handle lead time and days of stock to cover factory shutdowns during Chinese New Year.
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To handle the factory closedown during Chinese New Year, you'll need to adjust your Days of Stock. The increased Days of Stock will ensure that you order enough now to cover the entire period needed. Lead time settings will stay as they are normally set in your account.

Inventory Planner recommends the following workflow:

1. Prior to making any changes, export current Days of Stock information from Replenishment. Make sure you've enabled SKU and Days of Stock columns. (If you have more than one variant with the same SKU, then you'll need to enable then export the ID column.)

2. Update your Days of Stock using bulk actions

Use the dates shown just to the right of the DOS field to check that you've covered the necessary time period. 

4. After creating your purchase order, import your old Days of Stock settings using the exported spreadsheet in the first step.

Attach the spreadsheet with one column for the SKU (or other unique identifier such as ID if you duplicate SKUs) and one column for days of stock. Match your column title to the corresponding field in Inventory Planner.

Finally, click Upload.

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