When you connect a store with multiple warehouses, the warehouses appear as options you can enable/disable in Account > Settings > Connections. Only enable locations/warehouses that you need to evaluate independently for forecasting and replenishment planning purposes.

Note: if you connect an Inventory Management System, it is not necessary to connect any stores to Inventory Planner directly. An IMS integration is sufficient to provide products, stock, and sales information to develop forecasts, replenishment recommendations, and KPI reports. A full list of platforms that integrate with Inventory Planner along with the details synced from each system can be found at https://www.inventory-planner.com/integrations.

You can also create a Combined Warehouse to aggregate sales (and/or stock) information from multiple warehouses into a single view - to generate forecasted needs and replenishment recommendations based on totaled data.

Pricing for Inventory Planner has two key considerations:

  1. Locations: Inventory Planner considers the number of enabled warehouses needed for replenishment planning and reporting purposes.

    Note: you do not need to enable individual warehouses if it's sufficient to include them the combined warehouse configuration. Enabling individual locations impacts your pricing - as we look at the number of connections vs. the number of individual, enabled warehouses coming from connections (whichever is greater).

  2. Variant/SKU Count: The first 1,000 Variants/SKUs marked as replenishable are included in the base plan for Inventory Planner. You can mark variants as non-replenishable to reduce them from the billable variant count.

The base plan for Inventory Planner is $119.99/mo with the first enabled warehouse included along with 1000 replenishable variants/SKUs. The incremental fee is +$80 for each additional enabled warehouse associated with the connection where replenishment planning and reporting is needed, and +$15 per 1,000 replenishable variants/SKUs beyond the first 1,000.

More information can be found at https://www.inventory-planner.com/pricing.

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