Create Emails and Automate Reports to allow sending Emails automatically to chosen recipients with pre-defined Reports attached as CSV files according to your preferences.


Create Email Reports

Access your toolbox on the left-hand side and select Account> Emails. You can access as well the Email option from the following pages: Replenishment, Overstock and Reports.

You'll be redirected to the following page:

The options can be seen below:

From: The email address to show as being sent from

To: The email address/addresses to send the email to

CC: The email address/addresses to copy when the email is being sent

BCC: The email address/addresses to copy hidden when the email is being sent

Subject: The desire email subject

Attachment: These can be set to be the desired report, for the desired location, group level (Variant/Product/Category/Vendor/Brand/Total), desired filters, Date range and the Columns you wish to apply to the report

Add Report: Add as many Report as Desired

Schedule: Set the desired schedule for the automated email (No schedule/Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly)
Message: You can set Email body text, perhaps to describe the content of the report

Use the following Icons to View Report from Page Source and Download Report.

Schedule and Automate Reports

Reports only become Scheduled/Automated once the dropdown is selected and a period is defined with the Schedule Option. Otherwise it's a one-time Email. When you select a Schedule/Frequency it will Automate the following:

  • Emails will be sent based on your selected schedule.

  • Becomes an Automation and appears on the Automation page.

To Automate or Schedule Reports go to Schedule and select how often would like to schedule your Emails to be sent Automatically:

Automations Page

When you Schedule/Automate, as mentioned above, you will be able to view all settings, recipients for past events (Emailed Reports) with the detail icons. You can as well change your current settings for future events. You can always select "Send Test Email" from an Automation Summary page.

To access Automations go to our Account toolbox and then select Automations.

You will receive an email as it follows and you always Click where it says "Click Here" to directly access the Automations page and edit all settings.

You can access the Automations History in the Automations Page. It includes all details and updates for Automated Emails. Automation History is useful for seeing information related to past events (Report Emails).

Email History

When you access Account > Emails you will be able to Access all Emails History.

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