Inventory Planner Overview [Video]

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Inventory Planner is demand forecasting for your eCommerce store. 

Quickly see:

  • how much you have in stock

  • any purchase orders outstanding

  • items to replenish to meet customer demand

  • items that are overstocked that you could clear out of your warehouse

  • variants that are bestsellers in your store

To replenish items in your store, first set the lead time and days of stock so that you see customized recommendations for your store. 

Once you have the forecasted demand and replenishment recommendations, you can quickly and easily use Inventory Planner to create a purchase order, make changes to your purchase order as needed, save the purchase order and send it directly to your supplier. 

Reporting in Inventory Planner allows you to see trends in your store so that you can respond quickly to increased demand.

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