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How can I set and save user presets for generating fast reports?
How can I set and save user presets for generating fast reports?
Learn how to set User Presets for filters and columns, and how to share reporting preset with other Inventory Planner Users in your account.
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  • Standard Presets

    • Filters

    • Columns

  • Shared Presets (Premium Only)

Standard Presets

Note that presets on the standard account are unique per browser/device session and are not tied to any account. However, you can share filter preset by copying the URL of your generated report and sending the link to whomever you want to share it with but it only applies to filters and not to columns.


To go set filters in your report, click 'Filters' at the top of the page.

(Filters are available in Replenishment, Edit forecast, Catalog, Stock orders, Overstock, Open-to-buy, and Reports.)

There are 6 default presets already available when using filters but you can also customize and save one.

Use the 'Search bar' to search for any matching data like SKU, Barcode, Vendor Name/Reference, FNSKU, ASIN, etc.

You can also select the type of data you are filtering from the right-side selection and then set a condition depending on the requirements then click on 'Apply Filters'. Please note that you can set multiple filters in a single preset

For example: In the image below you'll see one of the filters I used was SKU. Below it, you'll see that you can set a condition('contains' in the image). The box below can be used to define what you are looking for.

Should you need to remove a filter you can click on the "trash bin icon" to delete it.

Once you've applied all the filters you can then 'Save' it and assign a name for it.

and assign a name for it as well as set it as default. Then hit 'Save' to finalize it.


To customize the metrics shown in your report, click on the gear icon at the top of the page.

(Columns are available in Replenishment, Overstock, and Inventory KPIs.)

There you can select any metrics you want to see in your report. You can also Search Columns to quickly find needed columns.

Arrange your report in any order by dragging and dropping columns.

Then save

and name your layout at the bottom of the pop-up.

Here you also have the option to set this layout as your default.

Hit Save to apply this to the report.

Shared Presets (Premium only)

When you're subscribed to Inventory Planner Premium, there's a feature that allows one to share presets with multiple users.

This option appears when you're saving your preset.

Selecting "Share with all account users" allows the shared preset to appear for all users on the Inventory Planner account when selecting the gear icon in the top right.

You can optionally make a shared saved column preset as a default by selecting the three buttons icon:

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