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The definition of Full sync, Variant Sync, and Purchase Orders Sync
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There are three types of sync options available in Inventory Planner that you can manually initiate.

Here's what each sync option does:

Full Sync

Same as a nightly sync for all intents and purposes. All tasks related to variants, sales, and stock orders, as well as all processes that come after them. Please note that the sync is incremental, so only those entries that are NEW or have been UPDATED since the last sync will be retrieved.

Nightly sync - IP automatically syncs every 24 hours which is set by default at 2 am as per the timezone set up in your account.

*We recommend limiting the use of Full sync as it takes more time than the other sync options, which could have an impact on your productivity.

Variants Sync

Syncs the variants and related things such as stock levels, products, etc. This process as well is incremental and will pull NEW and UPDATED entries since the last sync that included a variant sync. It will also run any sync steps that process updated variant data (like metric aggregation etc.)

Purchase Orders Sync

Syncs all types of stock orders (Purchase Orders, Transfer Orders, and Assembly Orders). Once more, it is an incremental process and will retrieve NEW and UPDATED data since the last sync that included the sync of stock orders. It will also run steps that process updated Stock Orders data.

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