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Defining full sync, variant sync, and purchase orders sync, and sync frequency

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Sync options

There are three types of sync available in Inventory Planner, all of which can be initiated manually.

Here's what each sync option does:

Full sync

A full sync behaves the same way as a nightly sync for all intents and purposes. Variants, sales and stock orders, as well as all related processes, are synced to the relevant platforms. The sync is incremental, so only affects new entries or those which have been updated since the last sync.

Nightly sync: Inventory Planner automatically runs a full sync every 24 hours at 2AM in your account's time zone.

We recommend limiting the use of the full sync as it takes more time than the other sync options, which could have an impact on your account's performance.

Variants sync

A variants sync affects variants and related data such as stock levels, products, etc. Like the full sync, a variants sync is incremental and pulls new and updated entries since the last full or variant sync.

A variants sync also triggers steps that process updated variant data (e.g. metric aggregation).

Purchase orders sync

A purchase orders sync affects all types of stock orders (purchase orders, transfer orders, and assembly orders). Like the full sync, a purchase orders sync is incremental retrieves new and updated data since the last full or purchase orders sync.

A purchase orders sync also triggers steps that process updated stock orders data.

Sync frequency

On average your metrics are updated every 24 hours.

However, sometimes these updates can be delayed due to a number of factors. Even under the worst of conditions, your metrics shouldn't take more than 48 hours to update.

You can always see the time since the last sync by looking at the Sync button in the lower left-hand corner of every page.

To see the exact time and date of the latest update, click on the Sync button.

The time of the update is not fixed and may vary depending on a number of factors. Contact the Inventory Planner team if you would like to schedule the sync process to run at a particular time on demand.

Additionally, you can trigger the sync process manually from the by clicking the "Run X sync" button.

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