Not receiving low-stock alerts from Inventory Planner? Here's a checklist to make sure those replenishment recommendations land in your inbox.

Check Spam

First check out your spam folder to see if your emails are going there.

Search for Email Sender

Low-Stock alerts are sent from Search for this sender to see if filters are routing your alerts somewhere other than your inbox.

Check Inventory Planner Account Settings

Go to Account > Settings 

> Alerts

Here check to make sure 'Enable Low-Stock Alerts' is checked.

Double-check Email Spelling

Make sure that your email is shown on this screen and that your email address is spelled correctly. 

If several people need to receive alerts, separate addresses using a comma.

Check Sending Schedule

Review days of the week when you are to receive email alerts.

Check Other Settings

In Account Settings, also check to see if Delta Alerts is enabled. This means that you will be notified once an item needs to be replenished, but then you will not be reminded of that replenishment need even though the item is still forecasted to run out of stock.

Check to see if you will be Notified in Advance. This setting ensures that you are notified when a variant hits the Replenish Date rather than the Sell Out Date.

Updated Settings

If you update any of these settings, check to see if you receive an email as expected the next day (or scheduled day according to your settings). If you are still not receiving email alerts, contact the Inventory Planner team for assistance.

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