1. Click here to enable Inventory Planner access in Bundles by Gazebo. On the settings page, mark Access granted and click Save
  2. In Inventory Planner, go to Account > Settings and click '+ Connect Another Platform' at the bottom of the Connections & Warehouses page. 
  3. Scroll to find 'Bundles by Gazebo - Shopify app' on the platform page.
  4. Enter your store name (without .myshopify.com) in the field provided.

Once this connection is made, bundles and their associations with components will be reflected automatically in Inventory Planner. You can switch the top left dropdown in any report to see Bundles > then click into the Details icon (i) > Bundles tab to see the bundle/component properties (black arrows in the example below).

Note: Bundles will still need to classified as Produced or Non-Produced Bundles directly in Inventory Planner (red arrow).

To learn more about configuring and managing forecasting/replenishment for Bundles, please see this article.

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