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Learn how to integrate PrestaShop and Inventory Planner

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Allowing access to the back office

Before you can connect PrestaShop and Inventory Planner, you need to allow access to the web service.

To do so, log into PrestaShop and go to Advanced Parameters > Web service. On that page, set "Enable PrestaShop Web service" to "Yes".

Creating access

Once you've enabled the web service, click the "Add New" button to access the account configuration section. A long form appears:

  • Key: Click the "Generate" button to generate an authentication key. You can also create your own (which must be 32 characters long), but using a generated key prevents wrong-doers from guessing your key. Using this key, you and other selected users will be able to access the web service.

  • Key description: The description is not public, but make sure to put all the keywords pertaining to the use, so that you can find the key quickly if needed.

  • Status: You can disable any key at any time.

  • Permissions: This section is very important, as it enables you to assign rights for each resource you want to make available for this key. Inventory Planner needs to read your data, so enable read access for all resources. The exact list of resources for Inventory Planner is the following (Note: there are several resources that look the same - for example, suppliers and product_suppliers. All of them need to be selected):

    • categories

    • combinations

    • contacts

    • currencies

    • images

    • manufacturers

    • orders

    • order_details

    • products

    • product_features

    • product_feature_values

    • product_options

    • product_option_values

    • product_suppliers

    • stocks

    • stock_availables

    • suppliers

    • tags

  • Shop association: This only appears in multistore mode.

Connecting Prestashop and Inventory Planner

To connect your Prestashop store to Inventory Planner:

  1. Go to Account > Settings > Connections & warehouses and click on "New connection":

  2. Find and click Prestashop on the integrations page:

  3. Enter your shop URL and Webservice Key, then click "Connect".

Your data will begin to sync automatically. It may take up to a few hours depending on the number of variants in your store.

Shop URL

We recommend specifying the full URL of your Prestashop installation. Always use https:// to make sure your data is transferred over a secure connection (though you can use http:// for development/test stores).

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