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Inventory Planner basics
Exporting product and stock information
Exporting product and stock information

View or export your current inventory levels and cost prices

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Inventory Planner contains a great deal of information about your products. This article provides instructions on how to pull out common collections of product data using the Inventory KPIs report.

First, go to Reports > Inventory KPIs, and view Variants for the warehouse you want to report on. Unfiltered, this report gives you a list of all of your products and inventory.

After you've filtered the report as described below, you can export the data by clicking on the Export button at the bottom of the screen. Inventory Planner generates a CSV file of the stock information which you can save to your desktop.

Alternatively you can email a report to yourself.

Products in stock and current inventory

To view all items in Inventory Planner that have at least one item in stock, use the 'Stock' Filter.

Enter '1' in the 'Min' field and leave the 'Max' field unspecified, then click the "Apply filters" button.

Finally, set the date range so the "End" date is today's date.

You will be left with a report of all products currently in stock. The closing stock figure represents their current stock level.

Product costs

Click on the gear icon at the top of the page to choose information to include in your report.

For this report, you want to be sure that the Cost price column is visible. (Use the 'column search' to quickly find the metric you need.)

Click the gear icon again to collapse the column options. Cost price will now be visible on the report.

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