What are IP tags?
Assign tags within Inventory Planner without making changes to your store
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IP tags (Inventory Planner tags) allow you to assign tags within your IP account. These allow you to group, filter or search using these labels.

In the Replenishment report, select the Products* you would like to tag,

* IP Tags can be set at the Variant level by request.

then click on Bulk Actions > Add IP Tags or Remove IP Tags.

Then type the tag you would like to add.

Tags previously assigned within your account will show as options when you add tags to additional products. It is recommended to use these options to create consistency and to avoid creating variations on the same tag.

Importing IP Tags

To import IP Tags, you need to upload a CSV file with SKUs and IP Tags.
(Multiple IP Tags can be added using a semicolon separator. Example "IPTag1; IPTag2; IPTag3")

In the Replenishment screen, select Import > New > Variant settings then select Upload file.

You can see the available columns below for more information.

(We also offer the ability to download a CSV template, with the available columns for adjustment)

When your CSV file is prepared and ready, you can drag the file to the import section, or click to select your file then hit Map Columns.

Once Uploaded, you will be taken to a field mapping screen, where you can check and confirm the columns on the file are mapped to the desired settings.

Also select the method you wish to Add/Replace IP Tags

Click 'Import' to complete the import.

You will then see an import summary screen, that will confirm changes or if any errors were experienced during the import.

If you have any concerns, please reach to us using the in-app support chat.

To view IP tags, add the IP tags column to your report.

Viewing by IP tags are also available in select Reports.

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