When you need to order according to volume or weight of your product to fill a container or target a weight limit for shipment, then adding CBM (cubic meters) or weight of each item to Inventory Planner can help streamline your purchasing process.

CBM, net weight, or gross weight information can be entered in the corresponding field in Replenishment, or can be imported from a spreadsheet.

Add directly to the report field

In Replenishment, click the gear icon at the top of the page. 

Then search columns for CBM, net weight, or gross weight column and click the column name to add it to your report.

Then you'll have a field in that column where you can enter information.

Finally, save your changes.

Import information

To import CBM, net weight, or gross weight information to Inventory Planner, prepare a spreadsheet with the following information based on the information to import (ie either CBM or a weight field, but possibly not both):

  • SKU or other unique identifying information like barcode or ID
  • CBM - the cubic meters per individual unit of the variant
  • Net weight - weight of the individual item without any packaging
  • Gross weight - weight of the individual item including packaging

Each of these columns must have a column title. If they do not have a column title, the first line of data will be ignored during import. You can decide on the exact column name.

Next go to the Replenishment screen and click Import at the bottom of the screen. Then select 'Variant Settings'.

Attach your spreadsheet by clicking 'Select file'. 

Once your spreadsheet is attached, click on the dropdown with the CBM, Net Weight, or Gross Weight field to match up the column title with the corresponding data.

Finally, click Upload at the bottom of the pop-up to complete the import. 

You will see results of your import including errors and error detail at the top of the pop-up. You can download a spreadsheet of any errors to correct for re-import.

CBM or Weight on your Purchase Order

Once CBM or weight values have been entered into Inventory Planner for your variants, you can enable this information on your purchase order. This will show variant CBM * quantity ordered.

To scale the total quantity on your PO to meet limits of a shipping container or other size constraints, click Actions > Scale to Total CBM.

Enter the total target CBM

And click Scale to update your purchase order.

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