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Create a variant within Inventory Planner for components and raw goods
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If there is a component of your bundle that is not sold individually, you can create an IP variant. An IP Variant only exists in Inventory Planner. 

When you wish you order raw components of a finished good, this is handled with the variant-bundle relationship in Inventory Planner. The raw component will be the IP variant and your finished good will show as a 'bundle' in Inventory Planner.

Note that creating an IP variant is not for creating a new product that will be added to your platform to be sold on its own. A new product for sale should be created on your platform then synced to Inventory Planner.

Create an IP Variant

To create an IP variant, you need to start with a finished good that has this as a component. For example, if you sell an item in 4-packs and 2-packs, but need to order them as individual units, then find the variant of your 4-pack first. 

To mark a product as bundle in Inventory Planner go to Replenishment > Variants. Find the bundle (or finished good) SKU, then click on Details. 

Then view the Bundles tab within Details. Here you will mark the SKU as a "bundle". 

At this point you can create your IP variant by clicking on 'New IP Variant'.

Create a title, SKU, and assign a vendor for this new variant. You can optionally enter the cost price, retail price (useful for calculating retail stock value metrics) and a barcode.

Click Create and Add to Bundle

After creating the variant, when you return to the Replenishment tab and select the Details icon for the new IP Variants, you can select the 'Warehouses" tab to set the stock by location.

Note: you can also set the cost price of the bundle to be the sum of the component (variant) cost prices. To do this, first configure bundles including associating components/variants. In Replenishment, view by Bundles (using drop-down at the top of the page), then select bundles with the checkbox on the left side of the page. 

Then select Bulk Actions at the bottom of the page > 'Set bundle cost price from components'. 

Manage Components Stock Based On Bundle Sales

To control stock of IP variants, there are two options. One is to tie stock of the component to sales of the bundle. When you click the checkbox to 'Manage components stock based on bundles sales', each sale of the bundle will reduce stock of the component by the corresponding amount. For example, if three units of an IP variant go into each bundle, a bundle sale will reduce stock of the variant by three units.

Note: This action only applies to Non-Produced Bundles.

The second option to deplete stock of an IP variant is to include it on a warehouse transfer. For example, if you purchase Product Z in individual units from your supplier and sell it on Amazon in packs of two, you may need to bundle the individual units. In this case, you will create a warehouse transfer to the Amazon warehouse with the bundles by creating an assembly.

Importing IP Variants

IP Variants can only be created simultaneously while creating bundle & component relationships using the CSV import functionality in Inventory Planner. The article on Bundles and Packs provides more information on the process to import IP Variants as part of this process (see the bottom section 'Importing Bundles').

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