Compare Costs From Different Vendors
The "Cost Compare" metric shows each cost price from vendors associated with a variant.
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When you have a variant that can be sourced from different vendors, there could be different cost prices associated with each. The "Cost Compare" feature shows each of these cost prices.

View Cost Compare

To enable "Cost Compare" in Replenishment, Inventory KPIs, and other reports, using the Variant view click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and enable Cost Compare. 

When a variant has more than one cost associated, you will now see each listed in this column.

The Cost Price field will show an average of the individual cost prices from associated vendors.

Creating a Purchase Order When Multiple Costs Are Available

When you select variants and click "Create POs for multiple vendors" Inventory Planner will chose variants with the minimum cost price for each vendor by default.

When you create a PO for a vendor and there is another one with lower cost price we'll show a message in the "Qty" column in a purchase order.

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