The Minimum Stock (Safety Stock) requirement specifies the lowest quantity of a certain product in a warehouse, and is added to the total replenishment recommendation. This value is set independently by location/warehouse. Replenishment recommendations are calculated to cover your Lead Time and Days of Stock. Adding minimum stock sets the minimum level that stock should reach by the end of the Days of Stock Period. Once set, this triggers the low stock notification earlier and increases the replenishment recommendation by this amount.

* Note: If Units of Measurement (UOM) are applied, the recommendation will be rounded up to the nearest case pack during the Purchase Order creation.

The Maximum Stock requirement specifies the highest quantity of a certain product in a warehouse, or the total number of units allowed for the warehouse. This value is set independently by location/warehouse. The lead time period is considered to make sure that the total stock = the maximum by the time it arrive. It does not impact replenishment recommendations, which are still computed using the forecast. The logic is applied however during the creation of purchase orders to limit ordered quantities.

For example, if you add a product with 22 units to replenish and the max stock to 20 to a purchase order the quantity will be decreased to 20. 

Min/Max stock can be set at the SKU level by clicking the "i" icon under the Details column > then Forecast Settings.

Or by browsing to the Catalog -> Warehouse section.

Here you will be able to see all variants and set the desired Min/Max stock levels

You can also upload them in a spreadsheet via CSV under Import > Replenishment.

Go to Replenishment > Import > Replenishment.

Click Select File and then select the spreadsheet you've created with data.

In the import dialog, be sure to select the correct identifier. SKU will be the identifier used by default.

Match dropdown fields to the correct column in your imported spreadsheet. When all fields are matched to the corresponding field in Inventory Planner, select Upload.

To set maximum stock for a warehouse, go to Account > Settings > Warehouses, 

and click Edit for the warehouse to set a limit.

Then enter the total number of units allowed for that warehouse or location. 

Then click Save Changes.

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