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Connecting your MintSoft account to Inventory Planner

In your MintSoft account, create a new user for accessing the API.

Then, log into Inventory Planner and go to Account > Settings > Connections & warehouses and click "+ New connection" at the bottom left-hand side of the page. Pick the Mintsoft integration.

On the subsequent page, fill out the form with the credentials for the new MintSoft user you created for the API.

Workflow overview

Inventory Planner's demand forecasting will be used to produce purchase orders. Once saved, purchase orders will sync to MintSoft. After the purchase orders sync, all additional work will happen in MintSoft including receiving, editing, and cancelling the purchase order. 

Product information, sales history, vendor information, and previously created purchase orders will all sync from MintSoft to Inventory Planner on the first sync, then will be updated automatically every 24 hours. 

Avoiding duplicate purchase orders

If you have enabled purchase order syncing in MintSoft from either Xero or QuickBooks and have enabled pushing purchase orders from Inventory Planner to your accounting system, then modify your workflow to avoid duplication of purchase orders in MintSoft.

There are two main options:

The first option is to disable purchase order syncing between MintSoft and your accounting system. In this case, you will push purchase orders from Inventory Planner to MintSoft and your accounting system.

The second option is to only push purchase orders from Inventory Planner to your accounting system. Once the purchase order is synced to Xero or QuickBooks, it will flow to MintSoft during the purchase order sync.

Please consult with either the Inventory Planner or MintSoft teams if you have questions about avoiding duplicate purchase orders. 

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