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The Stock history report displays historic inventory levels. Inventory information including units, cost value, and retail value are shown on a monthly or weekly basis.

To access the Stock history report, click on Reports in the left menu, then Stock history.

Filtering the Stock history report

As with other reports, you can use the dropdown menus on the top left-hand side to filter the Stock history report by warehouse and dimension such as categories, vendors, products, variants, etc.

You can run the report for the following time periods:

  • Yesterday

  • Last 7/14/30/90/365 days

  • Last month

  • Last year

  • Week to date

  • Month to date

  • Year to date

  • Custom range

In addition, you can choose whether to break the period down by month or by week.

Stock history metrics

The metrics available on the Stock history report are:



Opening stock units

The amount of inventory on hand at the start of the selected time period, in units. The stock is based on the historical inventory snapshots taken by Inventory Planner.

Opening stock cost

The cost value of the opening stock. Cost price is the product price in the supplier catalog.

Opening stock retail

The retail value of the opening stock.

Note: The cost and retail values are always based on the historical cost and retail prices. Contact support to update metrics based on the current cost price.

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