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Connect Bundles by Gazebo (Shopify App)
Connect Bundles by Gazebo (Shopify App)

Automatically sync bundles and components from the Bundles app in Shopify for forecasting and replenishment planning.

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Since Inventory Planner does not manage the stock levels of bundles and components based on customer orders, Shopify customers can use the Bundles App by Gazebo to manage their bundles and connect the application to Inventory Planner for free to automatically sync bundle/component relationships.

Note: Changes you make with the bundles through Inventory Planner will not apply in the Bundles app by Gazebo. Inventory Planner only pulls information from the app and does not have a push feature at this time.

This feature is a subset of Inventory Planner's bundles and assemblies planning functionality. Learn more about bundles and assemblies here.

Connect the Bundles app (free)

  1. Click here to enable Inventory Planner access in Bundles by Gazebo. On the settings page, mark Access granted and click Save.

  2. In Inventory Planner, go to Account > Settings > Connections & warehouses, then click "+ New connection".

  3. Scroll to find 'Bundles by Gazebo - Shopify app' on the platform page.

  4. Enter your store name (without in the field provided.

Once this connection is made, bundles and their associations with components will be reflected automatically in Inventory Planner.

Working with bundles and assemblies

Bundles will still need to be classified as produced (assembly) or non-produced (bundle) directly in Inventory Planner. You can do so by viewing a bundle's properties in the catalog.

To see the bundle/component properties, go to Catalog > Bundles and click the Details icon (i) next to any bundle. In the popup, go into the Bundles tab.

From there, you can set the product to be a bundle or an assembly, as well as view the bundle/assembly composition as taken from the Bundles app.

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