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QuickBooks Desktop Integration
QuickBooks Desktop Integration
Learn about connecting your QuickBooks Desktop to Inventory Planner
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Authorize Inventory Planner to access your QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Make sure QuickBooks Web Connector is installed on the same computer QuickBooks is installed on. You can verify it by searching for “Web Connector” in your Windows Start Menu. If you can’t find the Web Connector on your computer it can be downloaded and installed from Intuit's site.

  2. Enter your QuickBooks Company Name in input at the left and click 'ADD NEW QBWC FILE' button to generate QuickBooks Web Connector file (please note, you need generate separate QBWC file for each company file you want connect).

  3. Open the QuickBooks Company file you’re connecting to, and log in as an administrator.

  4. Download generated QuickBooks Web Connector file on your computer (link to generated file is displayed in the list at the left).

  5. Open the QuickBooks Web Connector (this can be done by by searching for “Web Connector” in your Windows Start Menu). Click Add Application, and select the QuickBooks Web Connector file you downloaded earlier.

6. Once added, the Web Connector will look like the below. Enter your InventoryPlanner password in WebConnector "Password" field. Then select application in Web Connector and click "Update Selected" button", this will start initial data sync with InventoryPlanner.

7. Once the progress bars are complete in the Web Connector it should show "Company connected to InventoryPlanner" message in the "Status" field.

8. Click "BACK" button left on this page to return to InventoryPlanner Connections Settings and verify connected QuickBooks Desktop company was added in the Connections list.

Once initial data load is done InventoryPlanner starts reports update. Progress information is shown at the bottom left, you can start using InventoryPlanner right after it's completed (initial update can take up to few hours depending on the sales history size).

9. To update the QuickBooks Company data in InventoryPlanner in the future:

  • In the QuickBooks Web Connector application on your QuickBooks computer click "Update Selected"

  • Once the progress bars are complete in the Web Connector and updates are pushed into InventoryPlanner, then is necessary to update InventoryPlanner reports. This can be done from the "Sync" menu:

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