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Inventory Planner public security statement
Inventory Planner public security statement
Written by Marije
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Inventory Planner is built upon the Linode Cloud Computing platform, leveraging the elastic scalability and economic benefits of cloud computing. We make use of a number of Linode products:

  • Dedicated Compute – we use the platform to host our web servers and databases on powerful machines that we scale horizontally when required.

  • High Availability Block Storage – we use Linodes scaleable, fault-tolerant storage solution. This allows us to benefit from their dedicated, secure and highly available systems.

  • Cloud Firewall Protection - this protects our network from malicious attacks through rules to only allow traffic from trusted sources. We filter traffic at the network layer using fine-grained control over who can access our systems.

Software Security

Accessing your Inventory Planner system requires a username and password. Access to the administration area is over a TLS encrypted connection. All clients have their own, dedicated database. Read more about Linode security here.

Information and User Security

You can configure your account so that each user has restricted access to the areas that they need to work in – so for example buying staff can only use the Purchase Order sections, whilst you and your leadership have full access to the system.


We understand that the data you enter into Inventory Planner is vital to the operation of your business, so our technology is designed to keep your data safe. Your data is backed up every 24 hours and those complete backups are maintained for the past three days to allow for restoration in the case of catastrophic failure. For less severe issues we maintain roll-up backups in diminishing levels of granularity for a 3-month window, within which we can restore data if required.


You can send security-related questions or concerns to [email protected].

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