How it Works

Sync to Inventory Planner

Inventory Planner pulls all product information and sales orders from your Walmart account.

Forecast customer demand

Set forecasting methods in Inventory Planner to forecast demand for your products, variants, warehouses, bundles, vendors/suppliers, or assemblies.

Optimize inventory purchasing

Use data-driven replenishment recommendations in Inventory Planner to reorder the right inventory at the right time

Easily place purchase orders

Create purchase orders directly from your Replenishment Report

Report on your inventory

Run various inventory reports to understand how your inventory is performing

Key Features


Data-driven forecasting for smarter replenishment

  • Customizable forecasting methods to prevent you from over or under stocking

  • Create forecasts for multiple inventory locations or warehouses

  • Forecast lost revenue and lost profit due to delayed replenishments to help you prioritize your purchasing decisions

  • Single source of truth for overstocked items


Replenish Easily

  • Stop spending days or weeks manually tracking your purchase orders

  • Adjust easily to supplier requirements

  • Respond quickly to supply chain disruptions

  • Stop overpaying for inventory at the last minute


Make informed decisions with Inventory Planner’s Reporting Tool

  • Increase visibility on product performance and profitability

  • Reduce opportunity costs of keeping excess inventory

  • Reduce opportunity costs of inventory shortages

  • Gain back time from creating manual reports

How to Connect to Walmart

We use the Walmart Marketplace API to access your products and sales orders. More detail and screenshots are available on the Walmart portal.

Step 1: Log in to the Walmart Developer Portal

Go to the Walmart Developer Portal, then click My Account and log in with your seller account.

Step 2: Add New Key

Under API keys, click “Add New Key For A Solution Provider.”

Step 3: Select “Inventory Planner” Solution Provider

On the “New Delegated Access Key” pop-up, choose Inventory Planner as the solution provider.

Step 4: Select “Full Access” permissions

For each permission, select “Full Access.” Then hit “Submit.”

Step 5: Use Keys

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret into the form on the left.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this integration work with Walmart Fulfillment Service?

A: The current integration does not work with Walmart Fulfillment Service. Please reach out to our team via chat to indicate you are interested in this integration.

Q: What Walmart Marketplaces are supported?

A: The Inventory Planner + Walmart integration works for sellers in the US and Mexico. If you're selling in Walmart Canada, please reach out via chat to learn more from our team.

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