Assembly Schedule Report
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The Assembly Schedule Report gives you a bird's-eye view of production needs in the coming months/weeks.

The Report can be accessed from the “Reports” tab on the left navigation bar.

  • Select “Assemblies” using the top left dropdown to see Units to Assemble (from components).

  • By default, assembly recommendations are presented by month. Select the top right to change view to view recommendations by week.

  • Select “Variants” using the top left dropdown to see Units Allocated for Assemblies. This shows the component stock that must be allocated to meet the requirements driven by Assemblies. Select ‘Export’ as needed to export the report to CSV.

  • Note: if an Assembly is also a component (in the case of nested assemblies), then “Units Allocated for Assemblies” will populate for the corresponding Assemblies - in addition to “Units to Assemble”

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