The stock, sales & commitment report is a report listing your historic sales and stock cover. Especially, "commitment" refers to current stock available for sale + incoming stock(ex, everything already ordered/paid for), and the resulting based on the forecasted sales.

It can help with planning, replenishment and identifying what products are overstocked.

The report can be filtered to a specific warehouse and can be filtered for specific Vendors, brands, categories etc.

The metrics are:

  • Sales: Sales are the number of units sold for the selected period (date range of the report) less returns. This information comes from your sales platform.

  • Sales %: Number of units sold for one variant / Number of units sold for all variants

  • Revenue: = Gross revenue - discounts - returns

  • Return %: Returns Units / Gross Sales.

  • Profit: = Revenue - COGS - Platform Fee

  • Margin: = Profit / revenue

  • AVG ROS (Average Return on Sales): profit/number of units sold. Only available in this report.

  • In stock: The current stock level you have in the selected warehouse.

  • AVG Cover (in months): Number of units in stock / average monthly sales. (AVG Sales/mo) Only available in this report.

  • On Order: On Order indicates the number of units in active purchase orders to vendors.

  • AVG PO Cover (in months): Number of units in non-closed purchase orders / average monthly sales

  • On Order Overdue: The number of units is not delivered even after the expected delivery date.

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