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Inventory Planner’s Year on Year report is a useful tool that helps users evaluate their business's sales performance each month vs the the same month in the prior year, allowing a company to understand whether its financial performance is improving, static, or worsening over time.

To access the Year on Year report, click on Reports in the left menu, then Year on Year.

Filtering the Year on Year report

You can use the dropdown menus on the top left-hand side to filter the Year on Year report by warehouse and dimension such as categories, vendors, products, variants, etc.

Only consecutive years can be compared. You can choose which years to compare in the top right-hand side of the report:

Year on Year metrics

The metrics available on the Year on Year report are:




The number of sales made during the year


The revenue received from sales made during the year

Revenue = Gross revenue - Discounts - Returns


The profit made from sales made during the year

Profit = Revenue - COGS - Platform fee


The profit as a percentage of the revenue

Margin = Profit ÷ Revenue


Average cost price

ACP = COGS ÷ number of units sold


Average sell price

ASP = Revenue ÷ number of units sold

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