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Purchase Order Delivery Schedule Report
Purchase Order Delivery Schedule Report
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The Purchase Order Delivery Schedule (Delivery Schedule) report lets you see a summary of inventory that is yet to be received from vendors/suppliers by consolidating the data from all “active” Purchase Orders (POs that are not in the draft, closed, removed, or cancelled status).

The data is shown in three different ways in separate rows which are as follows:

  • Units ⏤ number of units remaining to be received

  • Cost ⏤ value at cost of total remaining units

  • Retail ⏤ retail value of total remaining units in the warehouse’s currency

By default, the data is broken down by month based on the "Expected Date" assigned to the Purchase Orders and this can be changed to "Weekly" as shown below:

Note: Received units metrics can be tracked via the "Good delivery note" report

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