Shopify vendors

Shopify vendors are visible on the site and are synced into Inventory Planner brands. Inventory Planner vendors correspond to suppliers and can be created separately. Note that you can add one or more brands (vendors from Shopify) to Inventory Planner vendor which will associate all current and future variants of the brand with the vendor.

Shopify and Inventory Planner reports

You may observe some differences between Shopify and Inventory Planner reports. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Net sales in Shopify roughly correspond to Revenue in Inventory Planner.
  • Gross sales in Shopify roughly correspond to Gross Revenue in Inventory Planner.
  • Returns/refunds are handled differently: Shopify uses the date when return happened and affects sales, net sales and gross sales for that date; Inventory Planner currently uses original order date and affects sales, gross revenue and revenue for that date. 
  • Discounts in Shopify are computed using coupons. Discounts in Inventory Planner are computed as (regular price - price) * quantity and include coupons and other markdowns.
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