• Reports > Inventory KPIs > Total > Details will show stock levels and value for any date since starting your Inventory Planner account.
  • Add columns to see starting and ending stock for particular dates

Note that historical stock information is available starting when your Inventory Planner account was made. 


Historic stock levels and cost value

To see historic stock levels and stock cost value, go to Inventory KPIs (found under Reports). 

To view stock levels and cost value for your entire store, click on Total.

Change the date range for the report to include dates where you would like to see the stock levels and cost value.

Then click on the Details icon.

View the Stock & Sales History tab to see Stock and Stock Cost.

Hover over the chart to see the value on a particular date.

Starting and Ending Stock

If you would like to see stock levels on your Replenishment or Inventory KPI pages, add columns for starting and ending stock.

Select the date range for when you would like to see beginning and ending stock.

Click on Columns.

Select Opening Stock and Closing Stock to add them to your report.

Click Apply and you will see these values in your report.

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