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ShipHero integration with Inventory Planner
ShipHero integration with Inventory Planner
Learn how to connect your ShipHero account with Inventory Planner
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To connect your ShipHero account to Inventory Planner follow these steps:

In your ShipHero account, add a third-party developer as described here. The developer email needs to be a unique email. This email is only needed in order to generate the access and refresh tokens and it us not connected in any way to the developer.

To set up an Inventory Planner account, go to to enter your email and password.

You'll then select a platform where your product and order history can be synced from in order to populate Inventory Planner. Here you'll select ShipHero.

In the form provided, enter the access token and refresh token generated by ShipHero in the form in Inventory Planner.

Click Connect at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, click Finish Configuration and Start Initial Sync.

Your data from ShipHero will start to sync to Inventory Planner. You will see an alert in the lower left corner of Inventory Planner when the sync has completed.

Once you refresh the page, you'll see your sales and product data available. Here's an overview of how Inventory Planner works to get you started with account set-up.

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