Extensiv (Skubana) integration
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Connecting your Skubana account to Inventory Planner

To set up an Inventory Planner account, follow the signup procedure.

After signing up, you'll select a platform. Here you'll select Extensiv (Skubana).

From the connection page, click "Connect" at the bottom left-hand side of the page.

From there you will be taken to Inventory Planner's listing in the Extensiv app directory.

Click to Install, then click "Accept and Install" to authorize Inventory Planner.

Workflow overview

Inventory Planner's demand forecasting will be used to produce purchase orders. Once saved, purchase orders will sync to Extensiv. After the purchase order sync, all additional work will happen in Extensiv, including receiving, editing, and cancelling the purchase order.ย 

Product information, sales history, vendor information, and previously created purchase orders will all sync from Extensiv to Inventory Planner on the first sync, then will be updated automatically every 24 hours.ย 

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