Cost prices in Inventory Planner are used in purchase orders and analytics. By adding them to your products you enable profits and margins to be calculated in the Inventory KPIs report. 

Note: If your connected platform has a cost field, we recommend updating cost prices there to keep all information in sync (updating costs in Inventory Planner will not push that information to your platform). If your platform does not have a cost field, then you can add costs directly to Inventory Planner.

You can add cost prices for products in 3 ways:

  1. On Vendors page
  2. in Replenishment report
  3. By uploading them in a spreadsheet

To set cost prices from Vendors page, click at Vendors > [Vendor Name] > Variants and edit them directly on this page for each variant. 

To add cost prices in the replenishment report click at gear icon at the top of the page 

and enable "Cost Price" column

Then you can edit them for products and variants. When a cost price is set for a product it's automatically set to all its variants

Then Save Changes.

To import cost prices you need to upload a file with SKUs and costs. Click at Import > Cost Prices button

Then select a file, choose which columns contain SKUs and cost prices and click at Upload.

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