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Assemblies & Inventory Planner

Not all Inventory Management Systems support the ability to push/pull Assembly Orders between systems. In this case, there are two options:

  1. Configure the stock assembly directly in your inventory management system. Your IMS will track the stock of components and bundles based on assemblies, then Inventory Planner will sync the new stock levels. Replenishment recommendations will adjust based on the updated stock levels.
  2. Build and track components as IP Variants directly in Inventory Planner. This method allows you to manually track the stock of Variants. The stock of an IP Variant will increase when Purchase Orders are received, and will decrease with the creation of Assembly (or Transfer) Orders.

If your Inventory Management System supports the ability to push/pull Assembly Orders between systems, assemblies can be created in Inventory Planner then received/assembled in the IMS.

For Sales Platforms (eg. Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce), Inventory Planner allows you to increase stock in your store after receiving an order. Once a PO is received, an option appears to Increase Stock of the Variant. Once an Assembly order is received (assembled), you have the option to Increase Stock of the Bundle.

IP Variants can also be built and tracked manually for components that are not sold in your store, but are necessary for assembling final/sellable goods.

Create an Assembly Order

To create an Assembly Order, use the 'Bundles' view in Replenishment. 

  • Select the Bundle that you'd like to assemble, then click the arrow new to "New PO for Bundles" to see additional options. Select "New Assembly for Bundles";
  • The number of units to assemble will correlate with the Replenishment needs for the Bundle (1,072 bundles from the example above).
  • Clicking Alerts then "Limit to source stock" limits the number of Bundles to assemble based on the available stock of its Variants. This reduces the Qty to order.
  • To see detail about the components including how many units are available at the source location, click 'Components' on the Assembly. 
  • Once an Assembly Order is saved, you will find it in the Purchase Orders tab. Add a Filter for 'Type = Assembly' to see Assembly Orders.
  • After receiving/assembling the Assembly Order, there will be an option to Increase Stock of the Bundle in your store.

Order Components To Build Assembly of Produced Bundles

You can also create an Assembly Order after receiving a Purchase Order for components. To do this you can begin by generating a PO using the 'Bundles' view in Replenishment. 

  • Select 'Bundles' using the dropdown at the top.
  • Select items and create a purchase order.
  • When you are ordering components that will later be assembled into a finished product or bundle, select 'Create Purchase Order with Components' when prompted.

    Note: This method does not take the current stock of the components into consideration when creating a Purchase Order. The order quantity will be the total amount needed to satisfy Replenishment for the Bundle.

    To place an order that considers the current stock of components, follow the steps in the Bundles and Assemblies article (see the section 'Understanding Bundle Forecasts & Replenishment' > then 'Produced Bundles').
  • Once you save your purchase order, click on Bundles in your purchase order and you will then see an option appear to 'Create Assembly'. 
  • Once components are received, you can select Create Assembly from the Purchase Order to create a new Assembly Order to convert components into final Produced Bundles.

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