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How to Import Data to Inventory Planner
How to Import Data to Inventory Planner
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Import your data to Inventory Planner.

  • In Inventory Planner click Account -> Import, Which is found on the left of the platform.

  • Select the type of information to import.

  • Download the Template CSV, or Create a spreadsheet with one column for each field of data to import. Information for the available columns with show on the upload screen, relevant to the selected import type.

  • When the CSV is created, select your spreadsheet containing information to import. Match the field names in Inventory Planner to the column title in your spreadsheet for the corresponding information.

  • Click Import.

  • After the import completes, there will be a summary of changes made and noting any errors.

Note: You can import files as large as 100 MB but larger files might take longer to upload.

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